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Research & Development

Value of Innovation

Mother Nature is the biggest chemist synthesizing a wide variety of interesting and amazing chemical moieties with potential benefits to mankind. Research laboratories at Sami Labs Limited endeavour to tap this immense natural potential to bring out products with the goal of “Design to Delivery”.

We recognize the importance of investing in one of our most valuable assets –approximately 125 world-class scientists who are working tirelessly to discover and develop standardized natural ingredients that make life better.

To achieve this goal, several independent divisions work with a synergistic approach and help profile the product to meet international standards. The innovations have brought us not just a rising arrow in our growth chart, but also have won us several accolades and awards, national and international.

Natural Drug Division

The scientist in this division focuses on identifying, isolating and developing drugs from various natural source having a potential to become a drug.


The scientist in this team especially focus on developing standardized Phytoextracts that function as nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals or nutricosmetics and help to skilfully commercialize them into finished products that meet ever increasing global needs.

Synthetic Chemistry

Synthesis of a novel compound is a problem solving task, where a synthesis is designed for a target molecule by selecting optimal reactions from optimal starting materials. Development of new reactions and methodologies for the efficient synthesis of bioactive molecules.

Tissue Culture

The focus here is mainly on micropropagation of elite clones of plants with significant bioactivity. It also works on selected rare plants for propagation, through tissue culture techniques in the laboratory.

Biotechnology Division

Biotechnology Division has developed stable probiotics and enzyme complexes. Experiments on biocatalytic conversion to enhance better recovery of certain bioactives are carried out here.